Welcome to NY Dobermans

NY DOBERMANS have been carefully chosen from the finest European lines to have the best health and temperament you can have in a doberman. All of our dogs are family raised.If a breeder tells you a puppy will make a great family pet and their dogs have been living in a kennel run their whole life (as clean as it may be) they are not being raised in a familiy envoronment. Many American breeders are now incorporating European lines with their American lines because they have seen the night and day difference among the two. So by incorporating the European lines they hope to make their breeding better while all they are doing is charging you more money for a dog because it has a hint of European lines in it. By mixing both European lines and American lines you never know what you are going to produce in your puppies because the consistency is not there in the breeding. I have owned both lines myself and as they say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" but after seeing first hand the difference of the European doberman I would never go back.

I have always said you do not need titles to prove your dog. Some people hate me for that and feel dogs need to have titles to prove themselves. I have seen so many of working/confirmation rings that is so political people can actually "buy" their titles. To me that is nothing I want anything to do with. I have worked my dogs myself in obedience, agility and personal protection- because I enjoy it just as much as they do. When people come meet our dogs and see their behavior no title matters. Our dogs are not only the perfect family pet but the best protection too. These dogs were made to protect,unfortunately the way that many Dobermans are being bred they do not have the confidence to actually be the protective dog they were meant to. Many times this can cause problems with their temperament.They will bite out of fear or being nervous. All of my dogs are family raised and live in our home,so even though they have a great working drive which enables them to excel in obedience,agility or personal protection work, they have an excellent "off switch" that makes them the perfect family pet to hang out in the house with you as well. They are all comfortable in any social situation you can put them in, whether it be with children, large crowds or with other animals. They work for your personal praise which also helps you build a bigger bond with your dog. Its not "fake obedience". The personal protection work we do with them is just simply a command they are in no way actually an aggressive dog. Our protection dogs are not just trained to know when to bite,but when not to bite as well. They are also not your typical Schutzhund dog. The training we have done on them is to bite and reengage on the bad guy wherever they can, not to just bite and hold in one spot on a sleeve. None of our training is staged or routine to the dog, our dogs actually have to really listen since nothing we do with them is the same. We try to make different real life situations happen and test them to react to that. By all means I am not trying to knock people who choose to do sport work I just believe in a different way or working dogs. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. The same dogs doing this personal protection work are in therapy work with elderly people and in hospitals- that also shows the extent on how they can be trained. Most breeders need a title to prove that to them- I know and have see what my dogs can do, and for me that is enough. Our dogs are the ideal protection dog — they are calm and friendly until a threat is revealed.

Beside it being so important for our dobermans to have the perfect temperament we also wanted to make sure when we picked our dogs to be part of our breeding program that they were going to be as healthy as a Doberman can come because the breed can have many health issues. Remember these are our family pets too- we want to make sure they are healthy for our family as well as your family. Unfortunately Dobermans can be prone to many different type of health issues: cardiac problems, hypothyroidism, VWD, wobbler syndrome and hip and elbow dysplasia are just a few of the most common problems in the breed. Please check out the "our dobermans" page of our website to see the health testing all of our dogs have produced. I feel it is so important when you are looking into finding another member of your family you do your best to find someone who is breeding to make sure these health issues are not a problem in their lines. Not one breeder can tell you there is no chance of a puppy every having one of these horrible problems but we do everything we can to ensure the families who take our puppies in our home have a piece of mind their family member will be with them to years to come.

I searched for years to find the perfect doberman to breed. To me the European Doberman has the most attractive body structure,coloring and a good solid temperament. All of our dogs live in the home with us and are family pets before anything else. It is important when you make a decision to bring in another member of your family, that you find a breeder that is going to be there to help you through your dogs different stages of life. You should be able to go to any breeders home and interact with the dogs with no issues and not look at them behind cages. In my personal opinion I do not care how many shows a dog has won or titles they have. That really doesn't mean anything, it is just an ego booster for their owners. I have heard it from people time and time again with breeders recommenced on these "respected" dobie sites and when they come to see the dogs they are all kept in crates and cages. They might look beautiful in the show ring but how is the dog living the rest of their life??? People will argue this all day long but if a dog works for me and strangers children can come take toys from their mouth that is what means more to me than anything- NO TITLE anywhere can compare to that!! When I started this breeding program I wanted a dog that would be great to go out and work with me if I choose to do so but also be the perfect family pet- because at the end of the day that is all that matters. So far we have succeed in making many families happy for the past 10 years with dobermans than can do it al!!!! The families that purchase dobermans from us keep in touch with us on a regular basis and send us pictures and updates on our Facebook page all the time.  We always invite you to come meet all of our family and see the training yourself.

Meghan Schwartz