Available Puppies

To see how our puppies are cared for from day one check out "Too Cute" on Animal Planet's episode with Dobermans airing on March 23rd 2013. This was our litter from May 2012 with Anya and Maximus.

We have no puppies aviliable right now. We will have a litter due around March 10th 2017. For more info on this breeding or to place a deposit to hold your spot please contact us. 

Mother of upcoming litter- Vom Haus NY Dobermans Sala

vWD: Clear, DCM DNA: 0 Copies, Echo: Normal, OFA Hips: Fair, OFA Elbows: Normal, Thyroid: Normal, Kidneys: Normal, Elbows: Normal



Father of upcoming litter- Bismark Von Pressilla

vWD: Carrier, DCM DNA: 0 copies, Echo: Normal, Holter: Normal, Thyroid: Normal, OFA Hips: Good

National and International Champion, BH, ZTP SG1A, IPO1